Zen Barcelona | Inspired by the vibrancy of the winding streets of Spain, Zen Barcelona is a truly unique and full-of-life frame brand. With a mix of both bright colours and minimalist styles, Zen encompasses a persona that is unlike the run of the mill.

As of 2017, the brand currently features three sub-brands, with different features to make each it’s own. These include Barcelona, Loop, and Osaka, each with their own defining qualities and look, all of which Shelbourne Optical is proud to provide. Barcelona exemplifies the spirit of “conventional is boring,” Loop wants to “turn the industry upside down” with creative shapes such as the Einstein, and Osaka is made by traditional celluloid production and is Japanese Kabuki inspired. Each holds its own personality, yet shares the same attention to detail and quality craftsmanship to allow the wearer to identify that they are truly adorning a Zen Barcelona frame.

If you are looking for a particular frame, please reach out to us and we’ll stylize it to your needs.

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