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Our expert contact lens fitters, Connie & Coreena, take wearing contact lenses seriously!  All-day comfort and sharp vision are the things our clients desire most in their contacts. We care about your eye health so it is our mission to provide you with all of the information you need including the risks associated with contact lens wear. After that we will be here to offer support to ensure that your contacts are the best fit for you! We have many contact lens representatives that come in and ask us what our brand of choice is. Our response is always “the one the client finds the most comfortable and sees the best with.” We do have our personal favourites, but in the end we care most about what the best solution is for you. Our primary suppliers are Coopervision, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, and Precision. We fit soft lenses in disposable or conventional contacts (although conventional lenses are becoming difficult to find), and gas permeable lenses or rigid or hard contacts. These materials are available in designs to correct myopia (distance), hyperopia (close), and presbyopia (reading). We also have fitted lenses for bandage use due to injury or corneal healing.

How to put on and take off contact lenses:

Who Can Wear Contacts

Any age and any gender!* As long as you have the desire to wear contacts, we will work to find the best lenses for you. *Occasionally we may not be able to fit someone due to contraindications to lens wear (this sounds bad & will likely feel bad if the client tried to wear contacts anyway)

Our Favourite Contact Lenses

Purevision 2HD  | Softlens | Bio True 1 Day | Harmony | Biofinity Multifocal | Acuvue Oasys |  Acuvue 1-Day Moist | Proclear 1 Day | Air Optix | Proclear | Dailies Aqua Comfort | Frequency 55 | Encore | Biomedics 55

Contact Lens Fittings

To book your contact lens fitting appointment, please contact Connie or Coreena by phone (250) 598.3346 or email Appointments are available every Monday, Friday and Saturday, and on select Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s. Our friendly and knowledgeable opticians will ensure that you walk away with the best fit possible, and help you find ease of comfort in wearing your contacts after your hour long appointment.

Types of Contact Lenses

This lens design is for those that need reading assistance – but be assured, you are not getting old, just your eye muscles are. Monthly, bi-weekly, and daily use multifocals are available to fit your unique preference. Daily use lenses are great for someone who regularly wears glasses but wants frame freedom for activities like cycling or running, or for events like an upcoming wedding, concert performance, or first date!

These contact lenses correct astigmatism along with fuzzy distance or close-up vision. Toric lenses need to be “stable” in order for you to see sharp. Any lens that keeps going in and out of focus while blinking, which we like to call “swingers,” are signs that the toric lens has not been fitted correctly, and should be refitted. The interesting thing about contacts is that all those little pieces of “plastic” are not the same. The peripheral level of the lens, the material, the diameter, and that pesky little base curve can all be different to fit your unique eyes’ needs.

The easy ones! The client with this prescription is supposedly the simplest one to fit. There is no fuzzy astigmatism to dial in or multiple areas of vision to get clear at the same time. Instead, we simply need to fit the client with the best number to assist with farsighted or nearsighted vision difficulties – it’s as easy as that! Now you may be wondering, why does the exact same power of one brand of material allow you to have Superman distance vision and reading the 20/15 level of the Snellen Chart, but the other material was blurry in the exact same power?  That’s a mystery in itself, but we do know that it’s awesome when we figure out what works for you! And it’s even better when you walk out the door and see the world the way it is meant to be seen.

There was a time where coloured lenses to enhance your natural eye colour, or opaques to change your darker eye colour were super popular. Disposable lenses are available with tints of various tones if you are interested in playing with colour for your eyes. Let us know!

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