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Shelbourne Optical offers an extensive collection of designer frames and sunglasses at a range of price points. We keep up on eyewear trends and ensure that we are only offering the best quality and most up-to-date frames, as they are chosen with YOU in mind!

Prescription sunglasses are the BEST gift you can give yourself! Our designer sunglasses by the likes of Maui Jim and Tom Ford for instance, are available in both prescription and non-presciption lenses. We have an extensive selection of sunglass frames that can be lab manufactured with prescription sun lenses custom made to fit your favourite designer sunglass. If you don’t require a prescription, well you are really lucky, you can have a wardrobe of sunglasses without the additional cost of prescription lenses!

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TOM FORD | Maui Jim | Ray-Ban | Lafont  | ÖGA | Silhouette  |KALEOS

Children's Eyewear

With top of the line children’s frames from brands like Ray-Ban, Solo Bambini, and Souris Mini at affordable prices, we carry only the best for your little ones. It is our pleasure to guide you and your child through what to expect when taking care of their new frames and lenses.

For more information, visit our Children’s Eyewear page.


We are constantly learning about lens design and how the leading edge lens technology is allowing us to see high definition clarity. Lenses are the way we take the results of an eye examination from those funny numbers your Optometrist writes on your prescription, and make the world clearer and sharper for your work and pleasure.

We take the time to discuss how the lenses we choose will relate to the prescription you have been given by your eye doctor, as well as the meet specific needs of your lifestyle.

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