Single Vision

Single vision lenses aim to correct one distance view, may it be near, far, or intermediate. These lenses are best for a client who requires only 1 zone for their distance vision.


Bifocals are types of multifocal lenses that are sectioned off into 2 eye zones. These lenses work best for a client who requires distance correction for near and far vision with no transition between the two.


Progressives are another type of multifocal lenses for the client who requires 3 eye zones within their glasses. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is to correct near, far and reading distance all in one lens, so that you have the convenience of switching focus points without worrying about changing your glasses. We work with our progressive patients thoroughly to ensure that there is no swaying or swinging in the vision from your lenses, and that they work the best for your eyes.

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